Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are not just the right tyres for cars when the weather has switched to ice and snow but where temperatures have fallen below 7 degrees.

The winter tyre is specially adapted to the road conditions in the cold season and is therefore the best choice when it comes to driving safety and traction in snow and slippery. Winter conditions require special tyre properties that exceed those of a summer or all-season tyre.

Winter tyres have a softer rubber compound than summer tyres and a multitude of layers, which interlock optimally with the ground. Thus, they are perfectly adapted to the weather conditions of the winter season.

Why winter tyres are important

With winter tyres, you keep secure grip under your wheels in your car - and not only with ice and snow. Even at low plus degrees winter tyres are a reliable companion on the road. They are perfectly adapted to the winter weather conditions.

It is not yet a legal requirement to fit winter tyres to your vehicle during the winter months, but we strongly recommend that you do to ensure greater driving safety.

At Auto Surefit Motoring Centre, Wolverhampton we stock a range of cheap winter tyres such as Continental, Goodyear or Michelin all at an affordable price.

Whilst the legally prescribed minimum tread depth is also 1.6 millimetres for winter tyres. we recommend at least four millimetres for safety reasons.  You should ensure that there is at least 4 mm remaining profile on your winter tyres or we strongly recommend that you should have them replaced.