Wheel Alignment

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Even a small bump can result in a large amount of damage to your vehicles wheel alignment.

The chassis of your car has a good memory and poor axle geometry occurs more often than you think.

A wheel alignment will mean that your tyres last longer, you consume less fuel and the wear on the suspension, springs, shock absorbers etc. is reduced.

What is included in the wheel alignment?

We will correctly reset lane, camber and caster values ​​to improve the driving behaviour and characteristics of your car and thus for your safety.

Using optical-electronic measurement and adjustment processes, we can not only check and adjust the values during wheel alignment, but also check the entire axle geometry of the chassis and determine any deviations.

This applies to the axle measurements of the front axle as well as to the axle measurement of the rear axle .

Visual inspection of the tyre profiles

  • Exact electronic measurement of all wheels
  • Adjustment to the geometry data given by the manufacturer where necessary
  • Replacement of defective components where necessary

At Auto Surefit Motoring Centre, Wolverhampton using state-of-the-art equipment, our specialist team checks the entire axle geometry and detects even the smallest deviations.

When should a wheel alignment be carried out?

It is necessary if you find that you vehicle is driving differently and especially if you notice any of the following;

Signs that your wheels need alignment

  • Rumbling noises
  • Squeaking in the curve
  • Spongy steering behaviour
  • Tilted steering wheel
  • If you begin to notice excessively one-sided tyre wear as well as when changing wheel and the purchase of new tyres.

What are the consequences of a defective suspension?

An adjustment of the axle geometry and associated tracking errors can reduce the mileage of the tyres by up to 80%. For the driving behaviour this means: strong one-sided tyre wear, left or right-hand pull, increased rolling resistance. One consequence - in addition to the increased safety risk - is the significantly higher fuel consumption.

For a wheel alignment an extensive check list is processed.

First, the obvious errors are detected with a visual check, such as a worn tyre.

Wheel Alignment will include:

  • Checking the tyre profiles
  • Electronic measurement of all wheels
  • Wheel alignment according to manufacturer specifications
  • Tracking
  • Measure camber
  • Check rim flange

Wheel alignment and tracking also help optimise the rolling resistance of the tyre along with optimal tyre pressure.

To experience precise wheel alignment Wolverhampton car owners must visit Auto Surefit.