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The journey of one of the most famous tyre manufacturing enterprises, Yokohama, started when the US-based tyre manufacturer BFGoodrich created a joint venture with Yokohama Electric Cable Manufacturing Company. The 1917 venture started the journey of Yokohama, the 9th most valuable tyre manufacturing company,as of 2018.

In the last 101 years, Yokohama has created several firsts in both their home country and worldwide. Today, they have a strong presence amongst the worldwide aftermarket community. Yokohama has become immensely popular among the British car owners, partly because of their rich heritage and quality of products at offer.

Expanding their reach in the global market

Yokohama started their worldwide expansion with the inaugural introduction of their Aspec A300 tyre. It became an instant hit among professional car drivers, as well as regular car owners because of the excellent performance and durability of the product.

Another sought-after Yokohama product is its Advan series of tyres. At our garage, Auto Surefit in Wolverhampton, we come across a lot of customers who want AdvanSport or Fleva series of tyres.

These tyres carry the know-how gained in 101 years from different race tracks around the world. Yokohama is the sole supplier of tyres in the IMSA GT3 Cup, as well as the World Touring Car Championship and the famous Japanese Super Formula races. They have also participated in the American Le Mans Series, as well as the Macau Grand Prix Formula 3 Intercontinental Cup.

They manufacture an array of passenger car tyres. You can find a Yokohama tyre in Wolverhampton for all-season, summer, winter, SUV and off-road use. Let’s take a look at their inventory.

  • Summer tyres –

The most notable Yokohama summer tyre is the AdvanSport V105. It integrates a unique design of asymmetrical ribs and sidewall-to-sidewall sipes.

It also has an impressive tyre rating. V105 is rated a B to E on fuel efficiency and an A to C in wet grip. Its noise rating is no louder than 75 dB.

  • All-season tyres –

TheBlueearth-4S AW21 is Yokohama’s flagship all-season tyre. It has directional sipes running from its crown to sidewall for better aquaplaning.

AW21 is rated C to E for fuel efficiency, B to C for wet grip, and is rated noise class 2 for external noise generation.

  • Winter tyres –

Yokohama’s W.Drive V902B is one of their most sought-after winter tyres. It is rated 3PMSF and M+S, and is available exclusively for 4-doors and private vehicles.

It has a wet grip rating of C and external noise class of 2 and scores an F for fuel efficiency.

Yokohama tyres at Auto Surefit

With decades of experience and a history of making some of the most in-demand car tyre in existence, Yokohama is by far one of the most prized tyre brands in our inventory. If you are looking for their products in Wolverhampton, come to our facilityand check out the extensive range that we have to offer. You can also buy Yokohama tyres online from Auto Surefit’s web store. We offer doorstep delivery in and around the town as well.