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“Innovation and passion from tradition”

Pirelli tyres are a leading tyre manufacture; they were founded in Italy over 140 years ago. Over this time period Pirelli has improved and developed a wide range of tyres with different tread patterns, for a wide range of vehicles to cope with and for ease of use, to offer the best driving experience in all weather and climate conditions.

Giovanni Battista Pirelli was the founder of the company and before making tyres his company previously specialised in rubber and derivative processes and were also manufactures for scuba diving rebreathers. Pirelli as a company are now very conscious of environmental awareness and go to great measures and precautions to be the most environmentally efficient.  It is important to Pirelli that their tyres are made from sustainable resources so their tyre production can have the smallest affect on the environment.

In recent years Pirelli has been number one tyre supplier in the formula one racing world, they supply them with a range of tyres than can handle the high stress experience the tyres must with stand while on the track.

A famous tyre they have provided the formula one world for a number of years now is the P Zero tyre. This is specifically tailored to maximise the performance of a formula one car. 

Pirelli are one of the leading car tyre suppliers in the world and this is because they use the highest quality raw materials, best research and development team to help create a wide range of fantastic tyres for all vehicles to manage any terrain; this is why they are in the top five automotive suppliers worldwide.

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