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Tyre Manufacturers - Maxxis Tyres

One of the new players in the tyre manufacturing world, Maxxis primarily caters to the people looking for a better performance out of their vehicle. Their range of car tyres is easily distinguishable thanks to their sleeker profile and efficient designs. Maxxis keeps it no secret that they endeavour to bring the most out of every vehicle. A veteran in making competition car tyres, extreme off-roading and trail-blazing tyres, Maxxis also manufactures products for passenger cars, SUVs, and vans.

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Why Maxxis?

Despite starting their journey only in 1967, Maxxis has grown to become one of the most prominent players in the tyre manufacturing world today. They rank 8thamong the most valuable tyre brands in the world this year, with an annual turnover of approximately $900 million. They have expanded into new markets like making tyres for trucks and buses, garden products, industrial vehicles and even trailers.

A wide range of Maxxis products

Maxxis car tyres can be broadly divided into three categories; summer, and all-seasons and run flats. These products also come in different options like comfort, eco, and sports variants. These tyres are excellent for day-to-day use, offering exceptional performance and fuelefficiency thanks to their industry-leading manufacturing technology.

  • Summer tyres –These areperfect for the warm and humid British summer. Incorporating sleeker profile to help drive at higher speeds, the summer tyres also offer low rolling-resistance for better fuel efficiency. Some of the most popular Maxxis summer tyres are –

    1. Bravo HP-M3
    2. Victra Sport 5
    3. Premitra HP5

  • All-season tyres –All-season tyres eliminates the hassle of changing units every sixmonths. Maxxis manufacture two types of all-season tyres, the AP2, and a compact spare compatible multiple vehicles from different manufacturers.

  • Run flats – The Victra M36+ is a run flat tyre from Maxxis’s stable. It has reinforced sidewalls and stronger rayon ply inside its carcass. These allow a vehicle to run for 50 miles at 50mph speeds even after it completely deflation.

Buying Maxxis tyres for your vehicle

At Auto Surefit in Wolverhampton, you will find the widest range of Maxxis products at budget-friendly prices. You can also buy Maxxis tyres online; we offer doorstep delivery in and around Wolverhampton. If you haven’t decided on a particular product yet, give us a call and talk with our experts before determining what you need. Feel free to reach us; we are always here to help you.