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Tyre Manufacturers - Hankook Tyres

One of the largest Asian tyre manufacturing companies in the world, Hankook is one of the few companies that have successfully merged performance, safety, comfort and environment friendliness. With an eye for innovation and research, Hankook has always strived to manufacture better products for the next iteration of vehicles.This continuous strive has made them the 6th most valuable tyre brand in 2018.

A complete driving experience

Hankook tyres provide the perfect balance between safety, excitement, and driving satisfaction. From tyre design to production, every single unit is the result of years of research and development. That is evident in their popularity. They are available in over 180 countries, with local offices in 30 nations, and 5 R&D centres scattered across the globe. In 2017, they manufactured 104 million tyres and earned revenue of about £4.7 million.

We prefer Hankook tyres for their quality as well as affordability. You can choose from a wide range of Hankook tyres in Wolverhampton when you visit us at Auto Surefit. We have products that are suitable for different seasons, as well as various performance requirements.

Some of the most popular Hankook tyres are –

  • Ventus S1 evo2Providing the perfect balance between performance and comfort, the S1 evo2 comes with additional silica compound for improved dry road traction. It also features a unique tread pattern that comes with wide ribs connected with cross sipes for better water evacuation.

  • Optimo 4S –If you are looking for balanced performance in any weather condition, the Optimo 4S can be you your answer. This tyre provides stable traction on all kinds of surfaces, even on snow-covered roads. Its unique construction features a layer of steel belts under the surface ply for better tread strength and hardened bead filler for longer service life.

  • Winter i*ceptEvo –Tailor-made for snow-covered areas, the Winter i*ceptEvo comes with claw pattern grooves for better directional stability and auxiliary internal sipes for maximum performance on snow and ice. The sipes extend from its ribs to the sidewall, significantly reducing the chances of aquaplaning while driving on wet roads.

A commitment to a better driving culture

Every Hankook tyre will ensure your safety and optimum performance from your vehicle regardless of your driving habit and terrain. For years, they have gained immense popularity in the UK. In towns like Wolverhampton, we are seeing a growing creed of people opting for Hankook products because of theirvalue-for-money.

You can buy their product from Auto Surefit in Wolverhampton; we are one of the largest tyre retailers in town selling Hankook tyres online and from our garage. Visit us, or talk with our experts to discover the perfect product for your vehicle.