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Tyre Manufacturers - Dunlop Tyres

Dunlop tyres belong to the premium segment of the market and many drivers associate them with motorsport. They stand for years of experience and under the harshest conditions, Dunlop tyres have excelled in the production of high performance tyres and the use of the latest technical achievements. That means a safe and enjoyable ride for you.

Dunlop tyres have sport in their genes. Therefore, it is no surprise that Mercedes-AMG has selected this company as the official partner for applied technology in motorsport.

The capabilities of the Dunlop tyres are shown in tests by leading engine organisations.

Dunlop tyres appeal to drivers who like to drive dynamically and expect more from their tyres than just reliability. If you enjoy the thrill of driving a sports car and are passionate about driving a car, Dunlop tyres are sure to suit you.

The history of Dunlop

The manufacturer Dunlop began with John Boyd Dunlop, the first person to register a patent for a pneumatic tyre. A pneumatic tyre is a tyre that was filled with air for greater ride comfort and initially these were originally used only on bicycles.

In the early sixties, Dunlop's engineers discovered aquaplaning and this has enabled the development of tyres that drain water quickly, significantly increasing wet-grip safety.

Dunlop helps to create tyres that are safe, comfortable and resistant.

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