Motorhome Tyres

Check the tyres on your motor home before you set off and avoid the risk of a breakdown

A motor home will most likely spend the majority of its life stationary sat on the drive in all weathers throughout the year, rather than actually on the roads. As a result of this tyres can deteriorate quickly and won’t be fit for the road.

As the tyres on your vehicle are such a paramount safety feature of your motor home and are your only contact with the road, it is essential that they are maintained and are kept in excellent condition. 

You must always replace a worn tyre when it has become necessary with the appropriate type of tyre for your vehicle.

Why is it so important to have safe tyres on your motor home vehicle?

Before you set out on your holidays in the summer you should always run a safety check on your vehicle and make sure it is safe for you and your passengers.

 Always check the condition, tread and age of your motorhome tyres.  This is especially important if you are setting off on a long journey.

What to look out for to make sure your tyres and vehicle is safe:

  • Condition deterioration such as cuts in the tyres, sidewall cracking along the tyres, deformation and lack of air in the tyres.
  • Tread depth, motor home tyres are legally required to have a minimum 1.6mm tread depth so make sure this is correct.
  • Age, it is recommended that motor home tyres should be replaced every 5 years maximum but in cases where tyres don’t seem safe change before this age.
  • Always fit tyres of the correct specification to the tyre and vehicle
  • Avoid sudden movements when driving

Just like your everyday car it is important that before every road trip, you check your tyres are safe and legal.  If you have any concerns or queries feel free to contact our tyre specialists at Auto Surefit Motoring Centre, Wolverhampton.

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