Green Tyres

Tyres with environmental benefits

Save fuel and save our environment - that make green tyres possible. After all, tyres are responsible for 20 percent of a car's fuel consumption, according to the EU. If you drive with green tyres, you will consume 3% less fuel thanks to lower rolling resistance. With green tyres you save money and at the same time protect the environment.

Already in the production of green tyres, manufacturers pay attention to a more gentle process and the use of more environmentally friendly materials. Therefore, less CO2 is emitted both in the manufacture and use of green tyres.

With the right tyre, you can really save fuel - From November 2012, the new EU tyre labelling was introduced. In principle, it works like refrigerators and washing machines: the more efficient the tyre, the better the classification. Tyre buyers can quickly identify fuel-efficient and safe tyres.

At Auto Surefit Motoring Centre, Wolverhampton we offer a variety of cheap green tyres. We have the right tyre for every car. Just ask our team for advice and they will be happy to advise you

A fine example of green tyres is those manufactured by Pirelli - If you are looking for a high-performance and environmentally friendly tyre for mid- and high-end vehicles, this top product is a must. Its advantages: despite a 20 percent reduction in rolling resistance, it demonstrates first-class braking performance on dry and wet roads. Thus, this tyre lowers the fuel consumption and thus the CO2 emissions of the vehicle, without sacrificing safety.

Ride comfort, handling and steering precision are still at a high level. The mixture is resistant to abrasion and free of harmful highly aromatic oils.