Exhaust Repair

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The exhaust of your car reduces noise and environmental pollution and protects you from toxic fumes. A defective system, however, endangers you and others.

You should have your exhaust system checked at the first sign of any problem – our team at Auto Surefit Motoring Centre, Wolverhampton will do this for you!

What is the exhaust and how does it work?

The visible part of the exhaust system, the pipe at the rear of your car is just the last piece of the exhaust system. In fact, an exhaust consists of many different components: the exhaust manifold, the gutter, the catalyst and can involve up to three mufflers.

Every time you drive your vehicle, all of these components are subjected to extreme thermal stress. Holes can appear in the exhaust system quite quickly if the exhaust is subject to strong temperature fluctuations due to hot exhaust gases and outside temperatures, including road salt and moisture. Damage to the exhaust of your car can be caused primarily by rust. This condenses when the cooled exhaust gas has reached the rear exhaust. As a result, rust can form at these points, which can lead to small cracks or holes in the exhaust pipe.

At Auto Surefit Motoring Centre, Wolverhampton we can advise you as to the condition of your exhaust system and provide details of the parts that will require replacing. If the damage is too severe, the exhaust will need to be completely replaced. This is generally the case when damage to the exhaust has been present for a long time and an inspection has been postponed for too long so that the damage can no longer be repaired.

How do I know that my exhaust is defective?

If the exhaust system is already heavily damaged, you will usually notice a significantly louder exhaust noise. You will also begin to notice that your vehicle no longer performs at full capacity and consumes more fuel.

How often should the exhaust be checked?

We recommend having the exhaust system checked once a year not only to ensure that you are free from noxious gases but also to maintain a healthy environment.

If there are issues with your exhaust system it may result in a fail during your MOT test as in order to pass the emission test within the scope of the main inspection the exhaust system must be in perfect condition.

As well as the environmental issues, a corroded exhaust system could prove dangerous on the road should a faulty part simply fall off during the journey and endanger other vehicles

Contact our team at Auto Surefit Motoring Centre, Wolverhampton for exhaust repair today!