Clutch Repair

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The clutch is exposed to constant wear and tear due to its constant usage. As with all wearing components, the time will come to have your clutch repair Wolverhampton.

If you begin to notice signs of wear and tear, such as noise or stiffness, book clutch repair in at Auto Surefit Motoring Centre, Wolverhampton now.

When the clutch starts to show signs of wear can depend greatly on the driver, driving style and the vehicle that you own.

The clutch is the component that connects the engine to the wheels. When you press the clutch pedal, the clutch assembly is disengaged.

The clutch components consist of:

  • Pressure Plate
  • Disengaging Unit
  • Flywheel
  • Clutch Disc

The clutch is one of the most wearing parts of your vehicle.

If you excessively hold the clutch whilst driving, this will increase the wear.  Holding the clutch creates heat and as the heat builds up, this will cause increase wear to the clutch disc.

How do I know that a change is necessary?

You may begin to notice the signs of a problem with your clutch such as it slipping. Here, the power from the engine cannot be completely transferred. You may also notice a crackling noise that can be detected in the transmission, either a crunching or grinding noise. You may notice a strange burning smell. You might experience difficulty changing gear or even be completely unable to change gear.

If you are experience any of the problems we have listed then we recommend that you visit us here at Auto Surefit Motoring Centre so that our experienced technicians can inspect your vehicle to ensure it is safe for you to drive. We will ensure that it is done safely;

A clutch replacement must always be carried out by a professional using specialist tools.