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When it comes to enhancing vehicle performance and road safety, few components are as crucial as your car tyres. They are in direct contact with the surface subjected to heavy friction whenever the vehicle is in use, they travel long distances, enduring changing seasons and carrying heavy loads. Which is why the tyres you use must be of excellent and uncompromising quality.

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Types of Car Tyres We Sell:

Summer Range

Motorists across the UK use summer tyres during the warm weather conditions; typically at temperatures above 7°C. They are made of hard rubber and perform optimally on dry as well as wet road terrains.

Winter Range

Motorists switch from summer to winter tyres during cold weather conditions, i.e., when the temperature falls below 7°C. Compared to summer tyre, the rubber of winter tyre is softer and features a deeper groove that delivers excellent grip and traction on wet and snowy roads.

All Season Range

If you are not a fan of switching tyres every year between changing seasons but are keen on buying one set of tyres that can operate consistently throughout the year, then our All Season range is what you need.

Our Specialised Tyre Range includes:

Apart from the standard range, we also supply a specialised range of tyres Wolverhampton car owners would fall in love with.

Run Flat Range

Run Flat tyres found use only in military applications in the earlier days. However, their use is now quite common among UK motorists. With sturdy sidewall and reinforced shoulder, these specialised tyres can carry the load even in punctured condition and allow you to drive your vehicle safely for a considerable distance and period. 

Performance Range

These tyres are exclusively designed for sports and high-performance cars that deliver maximum grip and control at high speeds.

4x4 Range

If you are an off-road driving enthusiast, then 4x4 tyres are for you. They can be fitted to 4x4 vehicles and conventional vehicles driven on different types of terrains.

Buy the Best Brands

You are guaranteed to find the most reliable tyres Wolverhampton only at Auto Surefit. We stock products of some of the finest manufacturing brands that deliver quality worldwide. Some of these brands are listed below:

• Continental

• Dunlop

• Nexen

• Pirelli

• Michelin

Car Tyre Services We Offer

We provide essential tyre care and repair services at our local garage. Some of the featured services include:

Air Pressure Check

A car tyre must be inflated at right tyre pressure to ensure optimised road performance and long service life. We perform air pressure check at our workshop, and our experts will advise you on the pressure you must maintain to get the best out of your tyres.

Valve change

If you have a broken or leaky valve, we shall provide an adequate replacement with genuine quality and warranty.


If your current car tyre is worn out and has tread depth below 1.6mm, which is the minimum value required, then you must avail our retreading service. Retreading ensures your tyres are legally compliant, safe and deliver better performance.

Puncture Repair

Tyre puncture is one of the most common problems that car owners face in the UK. We provide puncture repair service at our local garage and ensure it safe to be driven on again.

Avail The Best Tyres and Services at Auto Surefit 

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