Air Conditioning Recharge

Air Conditioning Service – Keeping a cool head!

An Air Conditioning unit is almost indispensable in modern cars of today and it is essential that they are checked and serviced on a regular basis in order to ensure that they continue to function properly for as long as possible. 

At Auto Surefit Motoring Centre, Wolverhampton we can provide a full service and maintanace of your air conditioning unit.

Why you should have your Air Conditioning System serviced?

It is important to keep your Air Conditioning unit regularly serviced so that the interior temperature in your car is always at an optimal level and pollen and unpleasant odours remain outside the cabin.

A service of your Air Conditioning unit will include the following:

  • Draining and refilling the system with refrigerant or compressor oil
  • Leak testing
  • Pressure test and function test
  • Replace the interior filter

When is an Air Conditioning Recharge necessary?

Whether your Air Conditioning unit is taking too long to cool the air inside of your car or you have begun to notice an unpleasant smell coming from the system, a problem with your air conditioning can very soon cause more complex problems and become costly.

Another indicator of a struggling Air Conditioning unit is when you begin to notice that your vehicle is using more fuel. If the unit is not working effectively is has to work harder and therefore begins to drain your fuel.

The air conditioning system not only ensures a cool head on a hot day, but also prevents fogging of the windows in winter and on rainy days. In addition, the air-conditioning system, together with the cabin air filter, ensures fresh air throughout the year - and thus protects allergy sufferers, which many drivers are not aware of. 

Due to the natural loss of the refrigerant and the build up of of bacteria, fungi and microorganisms, a car air conditioning system must be regularly maintained and disinfected. 

To have your Air Conditioning recharge is not part of your annual MOT and therefore you if you want to ensure your system continues to work effectively, it is essential that you book in for an air con re-gas every two years.

At Auto Surefit Motoring Centre, Wolverhampton recommend that you try to service your Air Conditioning unit at least once a year. 

It is also recommended by manufactures that you have your air-con system recharged with gas and lubricant every 2 years.