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It's essential to have safe, legal tyres on your car, so if you think your tread may be below the legal minimum, give us a call or drop in to have them checked. We keep a wide choice of tyres in stock, with major brands such as Avon Iberia, Pirelli Yokohama, Compass, and Toyo available to fit onto your vehicle, as well as same day delivery available for popular tyres. We also offer a wide choice of alloy wheels to suit your vehicle.

Auto Surefit offer services to check your tyres, and can offer recommendations that keep them legal for longer. For example, if you are over or under-inflating your tyres, this can cause them to wear out quicker, costing you money. If you have a puncture, we can repair this on certain areas of the tyre, although it's not possible to repair a puncture on the side walls.

Many garages offer deals on part worn tyres, but here at Auto Surefit we only supply brand new, quality parts. There have been many investigations into the sale of part worn tyres, with Trading Standards catching garages selling tyres that simply weren't up to the job. No matter what time of year it is, a worn tyre increases your stopping distance, whether the road is wet or dry, and so it's simply not worth the risk of driving on possibly unsafe tyres. If you unsure whether your tyres are safe, or are worried about the effect of the changing weather on your tyres, give us a call or drop in.

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